Thursday, 19 December 2013

Visit Madhya Pradesh – A Top India Tour Series

Madhya Pradesh, located right at the center of India is fondly addressed as the country’s heartland. Featuring numerous interpretations of emotions like love, spirituality, royalty and gallantry through its monuments, temples, forts and palaces, this state has something for every traveller. A home to the cultural heritage of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, Madhya Pradesh has to its credit numerous monuments, gracefully carved temples, oldest stone stupas, forts and palaces. In fact, every bit of Madhya Pradesh is inspirational for travellers who come to trace back legends and testify the course of history through sightseeing.
A meeting point of North and South India, this large state is filled with many large hearted travel attractions serving varied travel interests. First aspect of MP rests in its heritage. The state’s history, spread over several millennia has etched a distinct impression in the heritage of Madhya Pradesh. Ranging from the prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern historical monuments, the state is renowned for its abundant heritage specimens. This is the main reason why three of the structures i.e. The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi and Khajuraho Group of Monuments are the declared world heritage structures. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are the stunning rock shelters and rock paintings belonging to the lower Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic period of history. The cave paintings here display themes from everyday events like hunting, dancing, music, animals fighting and other household scenes. These 10,000-year-old paintings illustrate the very first traces of settlement in the region.
The second famous heritage specimen here is the series of Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi. Famous as the masterpiece of Buddhist art, the immaculately restored stupa complex is believed to be the oldest remaining stone structure in India. The excellently carved gateways or Toranas are again one of a kind addition to the stupa architecture in India. One of the hemispherical stupa here is believed to protect the relic casket of Lord Buddha, which makes it one of the most visited Buddhist attractions in India.
The third most influential heritage attraction of the state is the Group of Temples at Khajuraho. A famous cultural destination in India, these temples illustrate the life and times of Chandela kingdom. It was one of the most advanced societies of its times which contributed to the heritage of India in the form of the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples. These temples are also famous for their erotic sculptures. But for the artistic mind, these temples are a tribute to the human desires. Etched in stone, every sculpture is carved immaculately with finesse and excellence by the expert carvers which present the best of heritage specimen in the country.

The state is also known for wildlife tourism with the presence of many national parks namely Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Satpura, Panna and Pench. These scrubby forests in Madhya Pradesh also host the highest density of tiger population in the country.
Besides this, the state is also renowned for its reverence and dedication towards god. According to Hindu Tradition, it hosts a number of pilgrimage sites and cities like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Chitrakoot, Amarkantak, Kaleshwar, Rajarajeshwara, etc.
The region also has many forts and palaces to it credit. Gwalior, Chanderi, Mandu, Orchha etc are the cities that still resonate with the royal essence of the state.
To reach this magnificent state, travellers need to head towards Bhopal or Indore. As the gateway cities, these two metropolitans cater to the travellers in the equally exciting way.

With so much of history, heritage, spirituality and other cultural attraction, the state offers extraordinary experiences to the tourists. The marvels of Madhya Pradesh Travel are many; choose what you want from it.

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