Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Visit Goa – A Top India Tour Series

India’s beach riviera, Goa is a premium destination famed for its sea, sun and tan. Quite literally, it has been said that brown skin tan is the visible proof that you’ve visited Goa. An obvious touristic heaven, this smallest Indian state has the largest tourist potentials. A world in its own, this gorgeous destination is blessed with the old world charm of Portuguese heritage, churches, spice forests, and a languid culture.
Sossegado is the word that defines the leisurely pace of Goa. This relaxed way of life encapsulates the essence of Goa. It is the relaxed feel only that sets it apart from the rest of Indian destinations. Goans influenced by Portuguese culture are inclined towards enjoying the good things in life and this is the distinctive aspect that makes Goa a good destination filled with numerous surprises. The fishing, coconut groves, fenni – the colloquial patented drink, soothing sunrise and mesmeric sunset is a few of the relieving experiences here.
The holiday culture here began with the inflow of hippies in the 60’s and 70’s who promoted the beauty and everlasting appeal of the destination worldwide. Since then, the state has welcomed millions and millions of travellers in search of peace and relaxation of Goan beaches.
But now, there is more to Goa than just beaches. The sheer heritage of Goa in the form of churches and heritage houses reveal much more to the travellers and familiarize them to the destination wholeheartedly. Old Goa, the first Portuguese capital showcases splendid architecture of cathedrals, churches and monasteries that still competes with Lisbon. This celebrated heritage of Convents and Churches of Goa has also received the recognition as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Also, the travellers can notice the colonial heritage of the region by visiting the Braganza-Perreira House in Chandor. Undoubtedly the region’s most extravagant colonial mansion, this property displays a good collection of period furniture and fittings that attract many heritage enthusiasts.
The other side to Goa can also be experienced with a visit to Ponda. The lush valleys and surrounding woodlands here host a wealth of spices and medicinal herbs. Even tourists can experience the sensory pleasures of spices with a guided tour of Sahakari Spice Farm. Add on to this tour is the culinary meal relished during the end of this trip.
There is much more to this destination that can only be experienced during Goa state travel. As a part of top India tour series, we are highlighting every state of India replete with incredible travel experiences.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Visit Kerala – A Top India Tour Series

At par with Rajasthan in terms of tourism potentials stands Kerala. Placed on the extreme south end of India, this is a pristine paradise speckled with many splendoured wonders. Projected worldwide as the ‘God’s own country,’ this is a destination with a difference. Unlike other states in India filled with bewildering culture, this is an unusually calm, refined and relaxed in its own unique way. The cities and villages here epitomize the slow pace and offer tourists a chance to ponder over the beauty and appeal. This in turn helps them relax and unwind slowly to its rare pleasures.
Literally interpreted as the line of coconut groves, Kerala offers one of the top India tour experiences. These travel experiences are as unique as the destination. At the first sight, it comes across as any other tourist destination, but slowly it pulls the tourists out of their weariness and engages them with its sensory experiences. This experiential side is the prime reason why it is listed as one of the ten paradises of the world by the National Geographic Magazine.
It is this Kerala experience only in this country that treats the senses comprehensively and pulls the visitor’s heart, mind and soul. Its hospitable side based on receptive Malayali ethos makes the destination more inviting and welcoming.
As far as its nature is concerned, the state is dotted with beaches, backwaters, paddy fields and coconut groves. These natural attractions and abundant green cover soothe the eyes and minds of the travellers. This picturesque beauty of greenery also accommodates the great wealth of spice forests and tea gardens that tease the sense of scents. Similarly, the taste buds here receive a wholesome treat full of rioted flavours in the form of Sadya. In the form of entertainment, visitors here experience foot-thumping ritual dances, temple festivals, boat races and wildlife spotting. In the end, the perfect way to unwind also rests in the Ayurvedic therapies that are followed with great expertise and acumen.

These sensory wonders comprise the essence of Kerala and feature as Top India tour experience. But wait. This is just a glimpse of this experiential journey. More of it can be easily experienced by participating in Kerala travel.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Visit Rajasthan - A Top India Tour Series

Now that India has welcomed you with open arms and ritualistic reception, the expectations must be really very high from its tour. And the country doesn’t let you down as it is bestowed with a lot of tourism potentials. Rich in diversity of all kinds, the country is a vibrant mix of cultural heritage, rituals and traditions.
There is a difference in the Indian destinations. No two destinations are similar here. They are differently positioned in terms of heritage, culture, beliefs, architecture, monuments, climate, geography, biodiversity, etc. And all these special features lend a distinctive edge to the travelling in India.
One such diverse experience one can exclusively experience in India is its heritage tour. Scattered far and wide, the heritage in the form of forts, palaces, historical monuments, temples and town ruins forms a great reason why most of the tourists turn towards and visit India. It’s the presence of this rich and enigmatic heritage that many travellers come towards the country and witness its rich marvels.
And when it comes to heritage, there is one destination that surpasses the charm of any other destination. This is the royal territory of India, Rajasthan. Literally interpreted as the land of the Kings, this destination is deeply etched in different experiences based on its heritage of extravagant forts, palaces and finely carved temples. And this is also the first destination to come under top India tour series.
Rajasthan, dotted with these heritage marvels, is the pride of India. A visit to this splendid land presents the richly bedecked royal legacy of the land that once made the country popular for its famed riches.
There is a reason why Rajasthan tour is a rich spectacle displaying country’s classic architecture. This monumental crop of the region is erected by the royals in an attempt to liven up one of the driest places on earth. And they were successful in achieving their motives. With a rich interplay of colours, artistry and immaculate vision, they were able to bring a luxurious edge to the destination.
These forts are the legacy of the region’s illustrious and prosperous times. Adding on to the architectural splendour is the region’s deep seated association with the past that makes it a compelling place to travel. It’s strong adherence to the colourful cultural traditions that makes it a differential destination.
Even in these modern times, the natives of Rajasthan prefer to participate in fairs and festivals, boast curvy moustaches, wear colourful turbans, and follow the artistic folk legacy of the land. May be they love these traditions with heart. Or maybe they fear to lose connect with the culture that makes the locals cherish their celebrated traditions. What’s more to this destination is its love for the guests. Even in folk traditions, the inviting theme of ‘Padhaaro Mhaare Des’ or visit my country land forms the basic premise. Rajasthan has very much kept alive that same tradition since ages and continues to do so with its heartwarming hospitable traditions. All these elements in this royal Indian state come together and present the country at its most exotic.