Friday, 23 August 2013

India - An Inviting Country of Classic Experiences

India is one of the rarely bestowed countries in the world. It has everything that makes a destination inviting, attractive and truly wonderful. There’s rich Indian hospitality based on the ancient belief of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’, where guests are revered as Gods. This is not just a teaching that’s faded with time, but a continuing legacy where every household practices the same belief in an ardent way.

The tourism industry of India has also borrowed this concept to make the country more inviting. The nation has in it the various traditions and rituals based on welcoming the guests. At first sight, they join their hands and address the visitor with ‘Namaste’ or ‘Namaskar’ in Hindi. This is a customary greeting or valediction gesture which means ‘I Bow.’ This is done the same way Indians worship and pray in front of the deities. The gesture represents the compassionate and welcoming nature of the country.
The next welcoming step adhered in the country is the gracious welcome in the form of small red dot called tika or tilaka applied on the travellers’ forehead as a symbol of respect. Next step is to apply some rice and sprinkle it over the guest to make an India tour prosperous and full of happiness. Much like Indians do while performing puja worship. Occasionally, they also offer a garland to accentuate this special reception. Same like they perform in front of the deity.
This is an important ritual reiterating the importance of guests in the country. Be it a foreigner or a domestic tourist, all experience the same set of inviting hospitality during India tour.
All India Top Tours present the same opportunity of experiencing that special and hospitable side of India. Another plus side that comes up with them is the culmination of engaging sightseeing of architectural, cultural and natural side during a trip to India.
The rest of the hospitality is accentuated with the engaging sightseeing of architectural, historical monuments, natural attractions like hill stations, beaches, backwaters, rivers, plateaus, forested greens and dry desert stretch. They can even participate in the cultural fairs, festivals, wildlife safari, ayurveda and yoga retreats and a lot more in this enchanting trail.

Moreover, it’s the ritualistic reception that makes any Top India tour stand out in an endeavour to provide novel and unique tour experiences to the travellers touring the country. To know more about the country, visit

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