Monday, 7 October 2013

Visit Kerala – A Top India Tour Series

At par with Rajasthan in terms of tourism potentials stands Kerala. Placed on the extreme south end of India, this is a pristine paradise speckled with many splendoured wonders. Projected worldwide as the ‘God’s own country,’ this is a destination with a difference. Unlike other states in India filled with bewildering culture, this is an unusually calm, refined and relaxed in its own unique way. The cities and villages here epitomize the slow pace and offer tourists a chance to ponder over the beauty and appeal. This in turn helps them relax and unwind slowly to its rare pleasures.
Literally interpreted as the line of coconut groves, Kerala offers one of the top India tour experiences. These travel experiences are as unique as the destination. At the first sight, it comes across as any other tourist destination, but slowly it pulls the tourists out of their weariness and engages them with its sensory experiences. This experiential side is the prime reason why it is listed as one of the ten paradises of the world by the National Geographic Magazine.
It is this Kerala experience only in this country that treats the senses comprehensively and pulls the visitor’s heart, mind and soul. Its hospitable side based on receptive Malayali ethos makes the destination more inviting and welcoming.
As far as its nature is concerned, the state is dotted with beaches, backwaters, paddy fields and coconut groves. These natural attractions and abundant green cover soothe the eyes and minds of the travellers. This picturesque beauty of greenery also accommodates the great wealth of spice forests and tea gardens that tease the sense of scents. Similarly, the taste buds here receive a wholesome treat full of rioted flavours in the form of Sadya. In the form of entertainment, visitors here experience foot-thumping ritual dances, temple festivals, boat races and wildlife spotting. In the end, the perfect way to unwind also rests in the Ayurvedic therapies that are followed with great expertise and acumen.

These sensory wonders comprise the essence of Kerala and feature as Top India tour experience. But wait. This is just a glimpse of this experiential journey. More of it can be easily experienced by participating in Kerala travel.

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