Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Visit Goa – A Top India Tour Series

India’s beach riviera, Goa is a premium destination famed for its sea, sun and tan. Quite literally, it has been said that brown skin tan is the visible proof that you’ve visited Goa. An obvious touristic heaven, this smallest Indian state has the largest tourist potentials. A world in its own, this gorgeous destination is blessed with the old world charm of Portuguese heritage, churches, spice forests, and a languid culture.
Sossegado is the word that defines the leisurely pace of Goa. This relaxed way of life encapsulates the essence of Goa. It is the relaxed feel only that sets it apart from the rest of Indian destinations. Goans influenced by Portuguese culture are inclined towards enjoying the good things in life and this is the distinctive aspect that makes Goa a good destination filled with numerous surprises. The fishing, coconut groves, fenni – the colloquial patented drink, soothing sunrise and mesmeric sunset is a few of the relieving experiences here.
The holiday culture here began with the inflow of hippies in the 60’s and 70’s who promoted the beauty and everlasting appeal of the destination worldwide. Since then, the state has welcomed millions and millions of travellers in search of peace and relaxation of Goan beaches.
But now, there is more to Goa than just beaches. The sheer heritage of Goa in the form of churches and heritage houses reveal much more to the travellers and familiarize them to the destination wholeheartedly. Old Goa, the first Portuguese capital showcases splendid architecture of cathedrals, churches and monasteries that still competes with Lisbon. This celebrated heritage of Convents and Churches of Goa has also received the recognition as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Also, the travellers can notice the colonial heritage of the region by visiting the Braganza-Perreira House in Chandor. Undoubtedly the region’s most extravagant colonial mansion, this property displays a good collection of period furniture and fittings that attract many heritage enthusiasts.
The other side to Goa can also be experienced with a visit to Ponda. The lush valleys and surrounding woodlands here host a wealth of spices and medicinal herbs. Even tourists can experience the sensory pleasures of spices with a guided tour of Sahakari Spice Farm. Add on to this tour is the culinary meal relished during the end of this trip.
There is much more to this destination that can only be experienced during Goa state travel. As a part of top India tour series, we are highlighting every state of India replete with incredible travel experiences.

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